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دنیای شکلکwelcome to my blog :   korean fan club cast  ...دنیای شکلک....
シンプルねこ のデコメ絵文字مـن //////HEDIEH///// مدیر اصلی و نویسنده این وب هستم/////////
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 اگه خواستی نویسنده باشی بهم خبر بده !
مـن یـک طرفـدار واقعـی کره ای ها به خصوص لی مین هو هستم   و بعدش هان هیو جو 
はてな のデコメ絵文字من یه shawol درجه یك هستم عاشق گروهشونم
اینجـا میتـونیـد بیوگرافی شخصیت ها ،عکس ها ،روز تولد و.. رو ببینید
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나는 당신이이 웹 사이트 내 두 번째 방문했다 사랑
دوست گلم می خوای اخبار جدید فیلم های کره ای ,و  اتفاقات جالبی که برای بازیگران کره ی جنوبی در زندگی شخصیشون می یوفته رو بدونی پس حتما وبمو دنبال کنید 顔文字、表情、気持ち のデコメ絵文字
امیدوارم مطالبم رو دوست داشته باشین + نظـر یـادتـون نـره 

آین وب از گذاشتن مطالبی بر خلاف قوانین و مقررات جمهوری اسلامی ایران خودداری میكند پس اگر موردی دیدید به ما گزارش دهید تا حذف بشود目、パステル のデコメ絵文字


عكس بازیگران سریال فراری از قصر fugitive of joseon behind the scene

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Image result for ‫سریال فراری از قصر‬‎Image result for the fugitive of joseon

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2016Calender Givcen To Henecia Japan Members

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تقویم سال 2016 که به اعضای هنچیا ژاپن داده شده .
*به نظر میرسه که به اعضایی داده شده که توی ماه ژوئن عضو شدن و یا عضویتشون رو توی ماه نوامبر تمدید کردن .

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GOT7 member Jackson and actor Ahn Hyo Seop talk about their close friendship on “Celebrity Bromance.”

On the recent broadcast of MBC’s “Celebrity Bromance,” the two stars reveal how they got close to each other.

Jackson shares, “I think that the friend who knows me best in Korea in none other than Ahn Hyo Seop. I feel that we have been able to communicate better since we talk in English because I used to be bad at Korean. I am still not good at Korean, but back then was worse. We have been close since then.”

He adds, “In my hardest times, he has been my vitamin.”

Jackson and Ahn Hyo Seop 1

When Jackson got a recent minor car accident in China before heading to Japan, he reveals that he did not tell Ahn Hyo Seop since he did not want him to be worried about it. Jackson comments, “Let us just talk about the good things.”

Ahn Hyo Seop then reveals how he first met Jackson by explaining that he arrived in Korea five years before from Canada and revealing that they both trained together under JYP Entertainment. “When we were living together, we became close,” he adds.

Jackson then shares, “Among all of the trainees, there was no one who is as close as the two of us!”

While Jackson went on to debut with GOT7 under JYP Entertainment in 2014, Ahn Hyo Seop made his debut as an actor in 2015 with the drama, “Splash Splash Love” under Starhaus Entertainment. He is also a member of the project group, One O One.


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Actress Kim Jung Eun opens up about where and how her husband proposed to her.

On the recent broadcast of the SBS show, “Stargram,” Kim Jung Eun appeared as a special guest and shared her beauty tips with the viewers. She also shared the story of her marriage to her non-celebrity boyfriend of three years.

She shares, “We met three or four years ago. He was really passionate that he even asked me to get married within just a month since we met. However, at that time, I was not yet ready to get married. Then, time passed by, and when the best time to get married had arrived, he did not propose.”

Kim Jung Eun also adds, “His father passed away the previous year. Then, one day, he told me that he wanted to tell his father that he is getting married which is why he asked me to go to his father’s grave with him.”

“In there, he said, ‘Father, we are going to get married.’ Then, he proposed to me. Since it was a grave, I was not wearing a dress, and I was just simply wearing exercise clothes with no makeup on. He then told me that he wanted to propose in front of his dad, and he prepared a ring. I cried after hearing his proposal,” shares the actress.

Meanwhile, Kim Jung Eun got married to her husband in April of this year in Seoul despite announcing that it would be held in the United States in March of this year.

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Jang Keun Suk

Hallyu star Jang Keun Suk reveals his thoughts on his “Asia’s Prince” title in a recent interview with media outlet X Sports News as part of their 9th-anniversary celebrations.

With regards to his title, “Asia’s Prince,” he shares, “I feel proud that I was able to expand my promotions not only to Japan but to the rest of Asia as well. As a representative of Korea, I always think that I need to take more responsibility.”

Jang Keun Suk also adds, “Whenever I go abroad, the fans would always gather to see me. Recently, I have seen younger fans and even male fans, which surprised me. I am thankful to my fans for showing interest in me and making me feel loved.”

With regards to his plans for the future, Jang Keun Suk shares, “As an actor, I want to keep on building my filmography. As a singer, I would like to expand into an Asian tour as well as a world tour. Moreover, I would like to try productions and solo promotions abroad as well. I want to meet directly with fans from all over the world.”

With regards to his upcoming projects, Jang Keun Suk shares, “I would like to rest for a while after doing a historical drama earlier this year. However, I am still looking at scripts, and I am ready whenever a good project comes.”

The actor recently starred in the historical drama, “Jackpot” and is known for his roles in the dramas “You’re Beautiful,” “Love Rain” and “Pretty Man.”

Stay tuned for more updates on Jang Keun Suk!

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ONEW 2016 SHINEE-اونیو 2016 عضو گروه شاینی

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Image result for ONEW 2016Image result for ONEW 2016

اینم عكسهای اونیو قربونش برم چقد خوشگلو بانمكه تقدیم به كیپاپر ها ی گل و بخصوص شاوول ها

ادامه مطلب - read more

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SHINee member Minho reveals why he dyed his hair.

On a recent SHINee fifth solo concert series at Seoul, Minho talks about the reason why he dyed his hair. A lot of fans pointed out that it seems to be the first time in which Minho dyed his hair with such color.

He shares, “My schedule for the upcoming drama ‘Hwarang’ and the concert rehearsal overlapped. At the last minute, I was preparing for both activities at the same time. There were a lot of tough things during the rehearsals, and I was under a lot of stress. However, when we did the first show, I felt like I had a lot of weight lifted off my shoulders.”

Minho then adds, “All the stress has gone away after seeing all of your faces.”


He also reveals, “My mother asked me why I do not dye my hair. When I finished filming the drama, I dyed my hair. I did not know that it was tough to dye your hair like this!”

Meanwhile, the group SHINee has wrapped up their concert series and is now getting ready for a comeback for this fall.

Minho’s upcoming drama, “Hwarang,” is set to air on KBS every Mondays and Tuesdays starting from December 19, 2016. The show also stars, Go AraPark Seo JoonZE:A’s Hyungsik and Do Ji Han.

Aside from this upcoming historical drama, Minho is also known for his roles in the dramas, “Pianist,” “To The Beautiful You,” “Medical Top Team,” and “Because It’s The First Time.”

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