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Park Shin Hye drama ‘Doctors’ special finale week episode schedule revealed

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  • Kim Rae Won and Park Shin Hye stars in the SBS drama 'Doctors.'

Kim Rae Won and Park Shin Hye stars in the SBS drama 'Doctors.' (Photo : Facebook/Doctors)

The end is near for the SBS drama "Doctors" that features Park Shin Hye and Kim Rae Won. The network has announced the special episode line-up for the drama's upcoming finale week.

Avid fans of the SBS medical drama "Doctors" only have three episodes left to see Park and Kim's characters' personal struggles and sweet interactions. The South Korean network has recently announced that it will air the said remaining episodes on the week of Aug. 22, Soompi reported.

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Viewers can expect to see two episodes on Monday, Aug. 22. Episodes 18 and 19 will be aired back-to-back on the said day. The 20th episode of the drama will then be shown on Tuesday, Aug. 23. Episode 18 was initially scheduled for release on Aug. 16. However, SBS canceled the said episode's broadcast to cover the sporting matches of the Rio Olympics.

The SBS series' upcoming three-episode release will mark the end of the medical series. Loyal viewers of the show will finally learn whether Park's character Hye Jung will be able to give up her quest for revenge. The former teen rebel turned doctor has been trying to uncover the truth behind her grandmother's death during an operation.

Fans of the show can also look forward to some heartwarming scenes that will feature Park's Hye Jung, Kim's Ji Hong and other beloved characters. Avid viewers may also recall that episode 17 that aired on Aug. 15 has shown the devastating health problem of one of the doctors. The situation had resulted to Kim's Ji Hong and the rest of the physicians' bonding together to try and save their colleague.

Meanwhile, the viewership ratings for the said episode has posted a slight increase as compared to episode 16. The latest rating report from Nielsen Korea has shown a nationwide viewership share of 20.8 percent. On the other hand, the SBS drama's ratings across Seoul's metropolitan area reached 22.8 percent.

The ratings for episode 17 are slightly higher if compared to episode 16. The viewership share for episode 16 only reached 20.6 percent on a nationwide basis and 22.4 percent in the metropolitan area.

Watch the trailer for the drama's upcoming episode 18 below:



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Actor Kim Woo Bin talks about his celebrity friends and what they do when they hang out.

On Kim Woo Bin’s recent photo shoot and interview with Ellemagazine, the actor reveals, “On the outside, it might seem that I like to go out a lot. But, in reality, I like quiet days at home much more. These days, having some drinks with friends somewhere quiet is the best.”

With regards to his preference, Kim Woo Bin says, “My tastes are unrefined, which is why I do not drink the expensive stuff. There is a big dining table at Jo In Sung’s home which also serves as our group’s hideout. We go there, have tea and talk.”

Kim Woo Bin also shares they call each other when they get the chance. He also shares, “Whenever I get an acting project, I ask them to watch the show for feedback.”

With regards to his philosophy on personal relationships, Kim Woo Bin shares, “I follow what my parents told me about valuing others. When I meet someone, I try to maintain that relationship for as long as I can. If there is something to congratulate them on, I send them a text at the very least.”

Meanwhile, Kim Woo Bin is known to be close friends with actors, Jo In Sung, Cha Tae HyunSong Joong KiLee Kwang SooBae Sung WooKim Ki Bang and EXO member D.O.


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Girls’ Generation member Tiffany is recently under fire for her recent posts which show Japanese flags during Korea’s Independence Day.

On August 15, the Girls’ Generation member posted a photo of herself with her co-members Yuri and Sooyoung while at Japan for SM Town’s Tokyo concert. Along with the picture is a caption, “Babes” and a Japanese flag emoji.

Tiffany Instagram

While Tiffany probably used the emoji to signify that they are in Japan, netizens think that it was a bad timing since August 15 is the celebration of Korea’s Independence Day from Japan. As a result, many are furious at her choice of emoji and left negative comments at her post. Tiffany then edits her post and removed the caption.

However, the situation became worse because of her Snapchat post. Tiffany used the caption, “Tokyo Japan” with a rising sun flag design – a flag which symbolizes the Japanese empire, a painful reminder of cruelty for Koreans when the Japanese ruled over their country. The post became even more problematic since she posted it on August 15, Korea’s Independence Day.

Tiffany Snapchat

While some netizens criticized the Girls’ Generation member, some have also defended her by saying that she probably have forgotten that it was the 15th and that it is Korea’s Independence Day due to her busy schedule.

Meanwhile, Tiffany nor her management label, SM Entertainment, has yet to comment on the issue.

Stay tuned for more updates on Tiffany!


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Viewers of the SBS variety program “Law of the Jungle” has requested for actress Choi Yeo Jin to be edited out following her mother’s recent controversial statement towards athleteKi Bo Bae.

Recently, the mother of Choi Yeo Jin gained attention after she posted an insult towards Olympic gold medalist Ki Bo Bae through her Instagram account. She posted, “Ulzzang (best face) archer Ki Bo Bae. Do you hit your target whenever you eat dog meat? I am sorry. I may sound ignorant, but I am going to curse a bit. B****, you must be foolish. Are you attempting to portray Korea as a savage country? If it helps you hit your mark, why do you try to eat your mother and father as well… why, did you not hear that human meat is great as well? B****, your head is full of s*** #KiBoBaeCrazyB**** #LetsNotEmbarassKorea”

Choi Yeo Jin mother instagram

She later deleted the post after receiving criticisms for the harsh words and posted an apology. Following this controversy, viewers were displeased with the appearance of Choi Yeo Jin on the recent broadcast of “Law of the Jungle.”

While some netizens request for her removal from the show, others have defended the actress saying that the criticisms are unfair since she did not say the insults herself.

Meanwhile, Choi Yeo Jin nor the staff of “Law of the Jungle” has yet to comment on the issue.

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Actor Song Joong Ki talks about his dating rumor with “Descendants of the Sun” co-star Song Hye Kyo.

On the recent broadcast of KBS 1TV’s “News9,” Song Joong Kiappeared as a special guest and became the first ever celebrity to appear in person in the newscast.

When asked about his dating rumors with actress Song Hye Kyo, he responds, “The cast and the crew of the drama meet a lot these days for dinner. It has become a topic of conversation for me and Song Hye Kyo over drinks. In my opinion, the dating rumor happened since many people love our drama. We are enjoying the situation.”

One of the announcers then asks Song Joong Ki as to which female character Kang Mo Yeon (played by Song Hye Kyo) or Yoon Myung Joo (played by Kim Ji Won) would he prefer, Song Joong Ki gets taken aback at the question and answers while laughing, “I have never expected to receive a question like this on ‘News9.’”

Song Jong Ki 2

Song Joong Ki then choose Kang Mo Yeon, his onscreen partner, since he has worked with Song Hye Kyo the most. He also explains his decision by saying, “If I did not respond like this, she would probably become sulky.”

Aside from “Descendants of the Sun,” Song Joong Ki is also known for his roles on the dramas “The Innocent Man,” “Deep Rooted Tree,” “Sungkyunkwan Scandal” and “My Precious You.”




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Eric Nam 2

Solo artist Eric Nam shares his thoughts about his “We Got Married” wife MAMAMOO’s Solar.

During an interview, Eric Nam reveals that things were awkward between them at first. He shares while laughing, “I called her ‘honey’ from time to time, and it made me cringe.”

He also reveals, “I just got comfortable when we were filming the last two or three episodes. I thought that Solar was a playful person. However, it surprised me when I found out that she was the complete opposite. I was very worried at the start since it felt like I was really signing a marriage contract.”

Eric Nam and Solar

Eric Nam also adds, “The staff of the program wanted us to get closer quicker. However, that does not match with our concept. My actual goal when marrying someone in real life is to love like friends even after marriage.”

The singer then goes to praise his virtual wife by saying that she is a good person. He also adds, “I want to maintain my friendship with her, like calling each other whenever something good or bad happens. After getting to know her, I realized that my personality matches well with hers. The wish that I told her when we were in Jeju Island became a hottopic. However, I really meant it when I said that I want to speak informally with her. I think that that would be the only way for us to become closer. Speaking informally is the key.”

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