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Fans have recently demanded a statement from boy groupBTS after being accused of having misogynistic lyrics.

The BTS songs that are under fire for their questionable lyrics includes:


“Yes, you’re the best woman, abuse of power.

So, fucking good at it, abusing power.

Ah, but thinking about it, you were never really powerful.

Let’s take off “power” and call you “dear.”  Gonorrhea.”

– Lyrics from here.


“I like you but still don’t wear Converse Lows.”

– Lyrics from here.


“Women are the best present.”

– Lyrics from here.

With regards to the issue, Big Hit Entertainment posts on their official fan café:

“We have known the controversy with regards to the misogynistic lyrics in BTS songs. After reviewing the lyrics, we found that they could be perceived as misogynistic, regardless of the intentions of the writer, and could be uncomfortable for some people.

We have also confirmed that some tweets by the members before their debut could be offensive to women.

Big Hit Entertainment, as well as the members of BTS, are apologetic to the fans who may have felt uncomfortable because of the lyrics or social network posts. We will take the criticisms and the points into consideration for future works.”

They also add, “We have learned that defining a woman’s position or value in the society from man’s point of view could be wrong. We feel responsible for not being careful with BTS’ contents and causing everyone to worry. We ask that you continue to watch over BTS , and if you would continue to point out our mistakes, we will continue to work hard and listen to the words of the fans and the society.”

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اعتراف چانیول به داشتن حس خودشیفتگی!CHANYEOL CONFESSES TO HAVING NARCISSISM

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revealed how he developed narcissism.

On the recent broadcast of “Happy Together,” Chanyeol shares, “During my school days, I was known as an idol trainee. During lunch time when the kids ran to get food, I would head over while being relaxed. I am normally talkative but, I would purposely talk less. When I am with my male friends, I will joke around. However, if I felt that someone is looking at me, I would try to stay still.”

He also adds, “I began to really love myself from that point on. I got the habit of trying to look cool and looking in the mirror a lot. I would tend to get uneasy and use a watch to fix my hair if there was no mirror available. I could not help but pay attention to how I looked.”

The EXO member then talks about his nickname ‘3 minute 1 second’ by saying, “When the music video for ‘Growl’ came out, I appear at the 3 minute 1 second mark. People said, ‘Wow, he is good looking.’ They would even ask, ‘Who’s that guy in the 3 minute 1 second mark?’”

When asked about how often he watches the music video for ‘Growl,’ Chanyeol answers, “I have watched it for over 400-500 times. I just keep on watching the part where I appear since that is the only scene when I appear.”

Meanwhile, Chanyeol is recently starring the Chinese film “So I Married and Anti-Fan.”

Stay tuned for more updates on Chanyeol!

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Actor Kim Woo Bin reveals his thoughts on competing with his good friend, actor Lee Jong Suk.

On the recent press conference for the new KBS 2TV drama “Uncontrollably Fond,” Kim Woo Bin reveals his thoughts about competing with Lee Jong Suk and his drama “W” since both shows would be airing at the same time slot.

Kim Woo Bin reveals, “Just this morning, I texted Lee Jong Suk and told him that I was coming to a press conference and that I was nervous. He was working hard on the set of ‘W.’ Jong Suk also says that everyone on their set is talking about ‘Uncontrollably Fond.’”

He also adds, “It is such an honor to compete with a friend. It isn’t every day that this happens which is why we are supporting each other.”

Kim Woo Bin also talks about his girlfriend, actress Shin Min Ah and his close friend actor Lee Min Ho, who is the boyfriend of his “Uncontrollably Fond” co-star miss A’s Suzy.

He says, “Every time a teaser from the drama comes out, Shin Min Ah would give me support. She is looking forward to the show.”

Kim Woo Bin adds, “I am also close with Lee Min Ho. He contacts me and supports me as well.”

Meanwhile, the new KBS drama “Uncontrollably Fond” will take the Wednesdays and Thursdays time slot and will premiere on July 6.


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MOTHER and DAUGHTER are so alike! [Becky's Back]

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Date:سه شنبه 25 خرداد 1395-04:09 ب.ظ

From 'Becky's Back', both Baekhui and Okhui are very strong women with great charisma

Shin Okhui takes over the school on her first day of school. And, her mother's school days are no different from hers. Just by studying their behaviors, we can notice that they are blood-related.

As they are both unique and strong, every time they face each other, they fight. However, they love each other from the bottom of their heart.

[Becky's Back]

Showtime : Mon-Tue 21:50 | Re-run: Mon-Tue 03:00 | Tue-Wed 14:00 | Sat 21:20 l Mon 11:20 (Seoul, UTC+9)

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The CAST and CREW work together in a FRIENDLY atmosphere! [The Master of Revenge]

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Date:پنجشنبه 20 خرداد 1395-11:40 ق.ظ

Every Wednesday and Thursday, 'The Master of Revenge' heightens the suspense in the story. Unlike the drama, the actors and actresses from behind cannot stop their laughter when they are around with one another.

ادامه مطلب - read more

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LEE MIN HO AND JUN JI HYUN CONFIRMED FOR A NEW SBS DRAMA-درام جدید لی مین هو با جین جی هیون خواهد بود

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Date:پنجشنبه 20 خرداد 1395-11:33 ق.ظ

خودم دارم از شنیدن این خبر میتركم بازیگرای مورد علاقم به هم ملحق شدن وای خدا من مردم

Actor Lee Min Ho and actress Jun Ji Hyun have been confirmed to star in a new SBS drama.

The two top stars have been reported to be working on a new drama made by the writer of hit drama “My Love From the Star.” It has also been said that Lee Min Ho and Jun Ji Hyun will be starring in the upcoming SBS drama “Legend of the Blue Sea” which will be aired on Wednesdays and Thursdays starting November of this year, scheduled to premiere after the end of the ongoing drama “Incarnation of Envy.”

The upcoming drama “Legend of the Blue Sea” is a fantasy, romance drama about mermaids and mermen.

The drama’s production company, Culture Depot reveals, “In the beginning stages, writer Park Ji Eun created characters which match Lee Min Ho and Jun Ji Hyun, and thinking of them as a couple. The two stars also decided to work on the drama since they believe in the writer and director. Please look forward to their chemistry which will be beyond one’s imagination.”

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"이민호 떴다!" 필리핀팬 수만명 운집,'범아시아★ 위엄'Lee min ho2016

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Date:شنبه 8 خرداد 1395-07:35 ق.ظ


[스포츠조선 이유나 기자] 배우 이민호가 필리핀에서 국민적 사랑을 담뿍 받고 돌아왔다. 

이민호는 지난달 31일 광고 프로모션차 필리핀 마닐라와 세부를 방문해 이틀에 걸쳐 현지 팬들을 세 번에 나눠 만났다. 

공식 팬미팅이 아닌 광고 행사를 위한 잠깐의 방문이었지만, 필리핀 마닐라 유명 쇼핑몰 2곳은 이민호가 등장하기도 전에 수만명의 팬들의 운집, 5층 규모의 쇼핑몰을 빼곡히 채웠다.

ادامه مطلب - read more

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