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Date:دوشنبه 9 مرداد 1396-12:22 ب.ظ

AOA member Seolhyun talks about her income and diet on “Please Take Care of My Refrigerator.”

On the recent broadcast of JTBC’s “Please Take Care of My Refrigerator,” the AOA member talks about her income and diet. MC Kim Sung Joo told her, “You are second place as the CF model chosen by the consumers.” To this, Seolhyun then replied, “Last year, I have filmed more than 20 commercials.”

With regards to how AOA splits their income, Seolhyun revealed, “All the income from individual activities is divided equally among members.”


When asked about how she spent her income, Seolhyun shared, “It had been so long that I earned money that I did not actually know how to use it. That is why I got an air conditioner for my home and also gave bags as presents to my parents.”

Seolhyun then revealed her diet after the MCs opened AOA’s refrigerator, which was full of snacks, sweet potatoes, and meat. She mentioned, “I eat everything I want to, but only a little of them.”

“They say that you would need to eat a heavy breakfast and a light dinner to go on a diet. However, in my case, I end up having a heavy dinner even if I have a heavy breakfast. That is why I eat less for breakfast and eat heavy for dinner,” the AOA member also added.

Meanwhile, AOA has recently made their comeback with “Bing Bing” and “Excuse Me.”


Stay tuned for more updates on Seolhyun and AOA!

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Date:چهارشنبه 18 اسفند 1395-12:37 ب.ظ

The members of the rookie duo 1PUNCH have been revealed to have gone on separate ways.

It has been said that Punch would go on a solo career while ONE signs with YG Entertainment.

It was reported earlier that ONE has recently signed a contract with YG Entertainment and has already started his training with his new agency.

An entertainment insider reveals to media outlet Daily Sports“YG Entertainment was really interested in ONE after his appearance on ‘Show Me the Money 4.’ They think that he has the skills to be one of the top rappers on the show and that he also has the looks of an idol. He still needs to improve, but he is a real gem. He is currently undergoing training, so there is no schedule for an album release yet.”

YG Entertainment confirms the news and reveals, “It is true that we have signed a contract with ONE.”

Meanwhile, according to Brave Entertainment, 1PUNCH’s management agency, “1PUNCH has now disbanded practically.”

“Punch would still be performing under 1PUNCH’s name even though ONE has moved to a new management agency. Currently, Punch is preparing for a comeback,” Brave Entertainment further reveals.

Meanwhile, 1Punch has debuted earlier this year with the song “Turn Me Back.” The rookie duo was a special collaboration with Brave Entertainment and D-Business Entertainment. The duo’s concept was to recreate the 90s hip-hop tunes.

Watch “Turn Me Back” below!

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Date:پنجشنبه 25 آذر 1395-01:22 ب.ظ


Former MBLAQ member Thunder shares his thoughts about his latest solo debut.

On Thunder’s recent showcase for his first mini-album, “Thunder,” he revealed that he was nervous for his comeback.

He also talked about his 2-year hiatus by saying, “It was a time when the future looked bleak. I did not even know if I could be able to release an album. There were times when I felt like giving up, and it was quite difficult. However, those feelings were dissipated through the lyrics of ‘Magic Spell.’”

Thunder also added, “Since it was very long before I could make my comeback, the stage is a little scary to me right now. It was still enjoyable the day before yesterday, but I felt scared last night before I fell asleep. As I performed on stage, I felt better. I gave it my all.”

With regards to his image, he said, “I wanted to show a cool performance. However, my face is not the sexy type, so I was really worried. But, things like gestures, clothes, hair, and makeup could help with that. I told myself that I should practice and just go for it.”

Meanwhile, since his departure from MBLAQ, Thunder went on to appear in the dramas, “Make A Woman Cry,” “We Broke Up” and “Woman with a Suitcase.”

He released his self-titled mini album on December 7 under Mystic Entertainment, along with the promotional track, “Sign” which features Goo Hara.

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Date:جمعه 16 مهر 1395-09:09 ق.ظ

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Members of INFINITE reveal their thoughts about their overlapping comeback schedules with SHINee.

On the recent broadcast of MBC FM4U’s “Kim Shin Young’s Hope Song at Noon,” the members of INFINITE talked about their comeback and closeness with SHINee.

DJ Kim Shin Young comments, “Your popularity for this comeback has been like a ‘Typhoon.’ However, SHINee has made their comeback as well.”

The members then reveal, “Our comeback schedules have overlapped. However, we are very close to SHINee.”


DJ Kim Shin Young then responds, “Even if you are friends, are you not wary of each other?” To this, INFINITE then explains that they are huge fans of SHINee.

They also explain, “Honestly, we already knew that it would overlap. However, there is none of that [rivalry] since we are so close. Minho even came to our waiting rooms when we made our comeback, and we showed off our new albums.”

When DJ Kim Shin Young asked maknae Sungjong to give a message to SHINee, the other members commented,“He is the member who is the least close with SHINee.” But Sungjong went on and gave a message saying, “Sunbaenim, I am enjoying your performance. Good luck on your comeback and I hope that we could promote together for a long time.”

INFINITE has recently made their comeback with “The Eye” while SHINee made their comeback with “1 of 1.”

Stay tuned for more updates on INFINITE and SHINee!

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Date:پنجشنبه 8 مهر 1395-10:47 ق.ظ


BTS member Rap Monster talks about taking dancing solo on stage for “BTS FESTA.”

During annual anniversary party, “BTS FESTA,” of boy group BTS, Rap Monster performed one of Jimin’s solo dances.

Rap Monster dance

When the rehearsal video came out through “Bangtan Bomb,” Rap Monster then took to Twitter to reveal his thoughts on the experience. He reveals, “Seeing the Bangtan Bomb yesterday made me think about that time… To be honest, I am not sure how many times I would be dancing on my own in the future… I often see J-Hope, Jimin or Jungkook dancing. I think that they really look cool and even if I get to see it every day, there are times when it all feels new.”

Rap Monster adds, “Since I think that I should not be a nuisance, I often think that I want to dance better as well.”

He also writes, “My friends next to me really help me out a lot. Thought it was only one part of me that was shown in the ‘Bangtan Bomb,’ I am always thankful… I was glad that I did not make any mistakes and finished it well. It felt very odd and different compared to when I am rapping.”

The BTS member also shares, “Though I always get stressed out because of dancing, I enjoy it as well. I will work hard and try to be cooler with this album as well.”


Stay tuned for more updates on BTS!


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important new news about korean kpop and actor 2016

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Date:پنجشنبه 8 مهر 1395-10:40 ق.ظ


Rapper Kasper talks about her personality and passion for music.

On her recent interview with Arena magazine, Kasper shares,“Normally, I am actually an introverted person. I do not really have that much confidence. However, I get confident whenever I stand on stage. Since I trust that the people gathered at the people gathered at the program will like my music, I become more confident as I begin to perform.”

She also adds, “Moving up to Seoul changed me into a more mature person. Seoul has turned me into a more active person from being the passive person which I was before.”

The female rapper then opens up about her passion for music by saying, “Music is still fun for me. I would always tell myself that I will quit making music once I would get sick of it. I never really wanted to do music out of obligation.”

Meanwhile, the female rapper has gained attention after her appearance on the Mnet female rap battle show, “Unpretty Rapstar 2” as well as in the Mnet rap survival program, “Show Me the Money 4.” She is also known for being a former member of the co-ed hip-hop group Play the Siren which debuted in 2014 with the single, “Dream Drive.”

Seohyun Wallpaper_22

Girls’ Generation member Seohyun talks about how the group talks about their future.

On recent interview and photo shoot with @star1 magazine,Seohyun shares Girls’ Generation’s plans for the future and the differences of living the life as a celebrity.

She shares, “We treat each other like family members rather than just coworkers.”

The Girls’ Generation member also adds, “We talk a lot about our future. We always say that we will meet again with our children in twenty years. I really hope that it would happen like that in the future.”

Aside from her promotions with Girls’ Generation and its sub-unit TaeTiSeo, Seohyun has also ventured into acting. She is known for her role in the drama, “Passionate Love,” and  has recently appeared in the Korean drama “Scarlet Heart: Ryeo,” as well as in the Chinese film, “So I Married An Anti-fan.” She would then be starring in the upcoming web drama “Canvas the Emperor.”


Wonder Girls’ member Yeeun talks about her relationship with 2AM member and former JYP Entertainmentlabelmate, Jinwoon.

Previously, it was reported that Yeeun and Jinwoon have been dating for almost three years. According to sources, Yeeun would record the demo version of the songs that she composed while Jinwoon plays the guitar and that the two idols have given each other instruments as gifts.

In response to the dating reports, JYP Entertainment and Mystic Entertainment gave a joint statement, revealing:

“The two artists who have music as the common denominator turned into lovers from being friends since the start of 2014. They are still continuing their beautiful love even now that Jinwoon has moved to Mystic Entertainment.”


Girls’ Generation member Hyoyeon opens up about her trainee days at SM Entertainment.

During the recent broadcast of Mnet’s dance battle program, “Hit the Stage,” the show prepared stages with the concept “The Fight.”

In line with this concept, Hyoyeon relates the concept to her personal experience when she was still a trainee at SM Entertainment. She shares, “I fought a lot with myself.”

Hyoyeon also adds, “When I got into SM Entertainment as a trainee, there were weekly and monthly evaluations. It was a time for us trainees to choose how to show off our appeal. Although the other trainees were my friends, there were also my rivals as well.


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Date:شنبه 20 شهریور 1395-04:13 ب.ظ


f(x) member Victoria talks about her dating rumor with Chinese actor Yang Yang.

On her recent interview with Chinese media outlet Jinghwa Times, Victoria talks about the premiere of her movie, “My Sassy Girl 2” and briefly opens up about her dating rumor.

When asked about having a sassy side in real life, she reveals,“There is a wild side in reality. But, I also have a side overflowing with aegyo which is usually seen in variety shows.”

With regards to her ideal type, Victoria reveals, “I like someone who is gentle and is also strong.”

When asked about her recent dating rumor with Yang Yang, she responds, “I think that it is common for a rumor to occur when a male and female actor work on a project together. There is also a high possibility of becoming friends while working together. A scandal could or could not arise. If it does, there is nothing which I could do about it, and I consider it as an interest in me.”

Victoria was then asked, “Aren’t there some fans who hope that you and Yang Yang are actually a couple.” She then replies, “If the fans like this couple and find it precious, it is nice as is.”

victoria and yang yang

Meanwhile, Victoria and Yang Yang would both be starring in the upcoming film, “Confirmation of Strange Fates.” The rumored couple also share the same management agency in China.


Stay tuned for more updates on Victoria!


What are your thoughts on Victoria’s dating rumors with Yang Yang?

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