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Lee min ho 2016, fans and water for impoverished children participate donations -

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Date:دوشنبه 23 فروردین 1395-07:13 ب.ظ

Korea Committee for UNICEF signed an agreement to contribute to society's right actor Lee Min-ho of the World Water Day donation platform professional skunk and clean water supply, and received significant donations of 50 million won to his part said Wednesday.
The funds donated professional skunk is worth 6.25 million to purchase a water purifying agent providing clean water to 520,000 people children.

Businesses skunk last March 2014, it operates a good market to donate a variety of projects and sales proceeds that Lee has had the launch party taking the lead in deep sharing activities means that with the fans could do with a lot of people and continuous sharing and social contribution activities there forefront.

In addition, Lee Min Ho in malaria insecticide treated mosquito nets Send a campaign of "Love Net" campaign since a signed UNICEF and ties, comes after a steady donation activities in 100 million won for Nepal Earthquake Emergency Relief 2015, their fan club 2009 "US-nose bar has a "people to donate to UNICEF Korea Committee.

In the signing ceremony, Lee was considered one "where the usual need help share the love, that I can inform this situation many people may need another.
One people, even more so children can drink clean water, and we will work hard so that Lee can practice with a professional skunk is the will of UNICEF, "he said.

Meanwhile, UNICEF Korea Committee official said, "Forward received funds greet Water Day 18 days from Lotte World Mall child-friendly cities promote local government council and UNICEF Korea Committee in ongoing funds raised through the" I fill with clean water "campaign and together will be used to improve drinking water environment of poor countries children, "he said.

 خوشم میاد لی مین هو تو همه كارا فعاله گویا با همكاری یونیسف برای تاسیس یك محلی برای نگهداری آب تمیز همكاری كرده و مبلغ قابل توجهی رو كمك كرده ............

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Lee Min Ho's picture with his motorcycle- عكس لی مین هو با موتور سیكلت

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Date:یکشنبه 23 اسفند 1394-02:58 ب.ظ

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Actor Lee Min Ho, Holt's Children's Branch delivered 50 million won donation

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Date:شنبه 8 اسفند 1394-11:26 ق.ظ

Cookies night arts news = News] Korean star actor Lee Min Ho will pass the 50 million won donation Holt's Children's Branch took the lead in sharing practices.
Ms. Holt's Children's branch and professional (PROMIZ) has signed an agreement in the Social Contribution Holt's Children's Branch in the last 18 days. Skunk is a professional platform made donations to practice sharing with the official CSR as an actor, Lee donated a brand created.
Ms. professionals has over 2014 branches and ties on children's clothing to join the Holt Holt is through support for domestic and foreign children, it donated 50 million won in donations this ceremony.
Lee Min Ho "'d like to be able to gather the strength to make the world a happy child with fans packed the meaning of the promise of 'keep it together'," said a comment.
Gimdaeyeol Holt's Children's Branch said: "Children are the core values ​​of the Holt Children's clothing is the most beautiful when the Branch to be loved so very glad to cooperate with professional skunk. A good opportunity for ongoing donations of actor Lee Min-ho as a public can suggest the direction of giving the public also hope hope, "he said.
Meanwhile, Holt Children's Clothing Branch is a comprehensive social welfare institutions that provide social services such as child welfare professional, single parent welfare, including the welfare of persons with disabilities, community welfare Multicultural Family Support Cambodia, Mongolia, Tanzania international support poor children.

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لی مین هو با كیم سو هیون پر در آمدترین ستاره های كره جنوبی در 2015 Lee Min Ho, Kim Soo Hyun and Others -

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Date:چهارشنبه 28 بهمن 1394-02:18 ب.ظ

"گنگنام بلوز" با بازی ستاره لی مین هو و "رویای بلند" با بازی  کیم سو هیون در این سال در میان  بازیگران بیشترین پرداخت حقوق در کره جنوبی را در امسال داشتند.

.در این گزارش، در رسانه کره ای Ilgan ورزشی منتشر شده است، در سود هر قسمت از افراد مشهور، تمرکز دارد. ارقام پس از مشاوره کارشناسان از صنعت سرگرمی، از جمله مدیریت کارکنان، شرکت تولید درام و تولید کنندگان شرکت رادیو و تلویزیون، در میان دیگران وارد شده است."راز باغ" ستاره هیون بن و "رویای بلند" بازیگر كه با نقش آفرینی كیم سو هیون اجرا شده .لیست با درآمد 83900 $ (100 میلیون وون کره) در هر قسمت درامها  در صدر است. در حالی که سو هیون بالاترین درآمد خود را برای درام علمی تخیلی "عشق من اهل ستاره هاست" دریافت کرد، هیون بن آن را برای پروژه باز گشت خود را "هاید، جکیل و من" است.در مقام دوم هستند "شبح" بازیگر پس جی زیر و "که در زمستان باد" ستاره جو در سونگ. بازیگران 67،100 $ (80 میلیون وون کره) در هر قسمت را دریافت کرد.

موقعیت سوم متعلق به  سریال "وارثان" با بازی ستاره مین هو، "عتیقه" بازیگر یو آه در و "قلب قوی" شهرت لی سونگ گی به اشتراک گذاشته. آنها 58،700 $ (70 میلیون وون کره) در هر قسمت را دریافت کرد."SungKyunKwan هستند رسوایی" شهرت سونگ جونگ کی و "پینوکیو" ستاره لی جونگ سوک در جایگاه چهارم با درآمد 50300 $ (60 میلیون وون کره) ذکر شده است، در حالی که "دونگ هائه" بازیگر جی چانگ ووک، "کیم Takgu" شهرت جو وون و "خون آشام بت" ستاره کیم وو اند پنجم را در لیست رتبه بندی شده است.

افراد مشهور دیگر در این لیست از بازیگران کره جنوبی بالاترین پرداخت 2015 شامل پارک هیونگ سیک، Lee Joon و Yook Sungjae، با توجه به Soompi.

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حضور لی مین هو در كریسمس در ایتالیا برای فرور راچل2016Ferrero Rocher model, actor Lee Min-ho

writer:HEDIEH /
Date:جمعه 25 دی 1394-12:46 ب.ظ

حضور لی مین هو در كریسمس در ایتالیا برای فرور راچل2016
Ferrero Rocher model, actor Lee Min-ho, an Italian sensibility attended Christmas event -

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Lee min ho asked about the concert 2016

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Date:جمعه 25 دی 1394-12:40 ب.ظ

스타하우스 엔터테인먼트입니다.
12월 11일 현재 중국 여러 지역에서 <배우 이민호의 상하이 콘서트가 열린다>는 내용으로 암표 판매가 이뤄지는 것이 확인되었습니다.
그러나 이는 사실과 전혀 다른 내용입니다. 이민호 콘서트의 모든 티켓 구매와 관련된 사항은 공식 홈페이지를 통해 공지하는 것을 원칙으로 하고 있습니다.
따라서 공지된 판매처를 제외한 곳에서 티켓을 판매 및 구입하는 것은 불법입니다. 티켓 불법 거래로 인한 불이익이 없도록 주의와 당부의 말을 전합니다.
참고로 이민호의 콘서트는 내년 1월16일(한국), 25일(일본) 공연이 확정되었으며 상하이 콘서트는 현재까지 확정되지 않은 상황입니다.
만일 상하이 공연이 결정된다면 팬 여러분께 가장 먼저 공지하도록 하겠습니다.
이민호의 콘서트를 진심으로 기대하고 사랑해주시는 분들께 본의 아니게 염려를 끼친 점에 대해 이해를 바랍니다.

Hello, this is Starhaus Entertainment.
We have confirmed that as of December 12th 2015, under the title of , people are scalping tickets(unauthorized tickets) in many regions of China.
All information regarding the sales of Lee Min Ho’s concert tickets is announced through its official website. Therefore, it is illegal to purchase tickets through channels other than ones listed on the official website. It is our hope that no one will suffer any disadvantages by dealing with scalpers.
Lee Min Ho’s concerts next year in Korea(January 16th) and in Japan(January 25th) have been confirmed. The concert in Shanghai is in plans but has not been confirmed as of yet.
If and when the Shanghai concert is confirmed, we will announce it to you, the fans, first. We are sorry for any inconveniences you may have suffered due to the illegal activities of the scalpers because we know very well how much you anticipate and love Lee Min Ho’s concerts.
We appreciate your love for Lee Min Ho and we thank you ahead of time for your understanding.

لی مین هو یه توییت منتشر كرده درمورد كنسرتاش و تورش كه خرید بلیط تنها از طریق وبسایت اصلی و موسسه هاست و توزیع و خرید و فروش بلیط ها زودتر از موعد غیر قانونیه

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news & new photos drama 2015 by lee min ho

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Date:جمعه 20 آذر 1394-10:10 ق.ظ

Lee Min Ho proved he is a dynamic actor with his debut film performance in 'Gangnam 1970.'

2015 was marked by the phenomenal silver screen performances of actors Lee Min Ho, Kim Woo Bin, and Yoo Ah In, who transformed from drama stars to bonafide leading men of the Korean box office.

Lee Min Ho struck gold with his breakout movie role as Kim Jong Dae, a scrappy hustler in the gritty crime noir, "Gangnam 1970."

Renown for his portrayal of spoiled, prep school guys who fall in love with plain, downtrodden girls in "Boys Over Flowers" and "The Heirs," he was literally thrown into the muddy depths of the action realm of his film debut in the '70s crime flick. 

Kim Woo Bin was hilarious as the comedic lead of 'Twenty.'

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